100 Days To Go

  • Ken Read
  • Written on:

It's July 21 and we have 100 days to go until the first points are scored in the Volvo Ocean Race 2011-12

To be honest, the final "100 days" doesn't necessarily hit a specific note with me. We have really tried to treat every day like its crucial, and this final stretch is no more important than the beginning days were for this program. I believe this is a good thing. If we were behind in our planning or had a problem, the final days would surely carry quite a bit more significance.

Now, what this also means is that we are committed to our schedule and to reaching the milestones we set. Of course everything’s not perfect or fool-proof. As with all sports, every team plays to a system, and while we have a system we decided to follow, only time will tell if the system is a correct one. You simply look at your personnel, timing, budget, and all parts and pieces, and come up with a strategy that you feel will give you the best chance of winning.

Final 100 days? Hopefully, they will just be treated like another day in the office…100 times.

- Kenny Read