Search for the PUMA Social 'Playmate of the Year' in Singapore

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Are you a Foodsnapper who sees the world through 3.5mm lens? A Kung Fu dancer who shuffles and spin kicks your way through the streets? Or part of a Dynamic Duo who makes everything twice as fun?

Whatever you are, wherever you are in the urban jungle, there’s always room for you to play with PUMA SOCIAL. So go on and grab your mates. Run free. Soak up the thrills of everyday living. Just play in the city.


Step 1:

Visit any PUMA outlet in Singapore and take a snapshot of yourself in PUMA SOCIAL gear in-store

Step 2:

Send your photo to

Entries with a score of 51 and above will be uploaded to our PUMA Facebook fan page, so check our page every Tuesday to find out if you’ve been featured! Show off that swagger and strike your best pose now!

If your entry impresses our PUMA SOCIAL Captains, you’ll stand a chance to win a year’s worth of PUMA wardrobe and be unveiled as PUMA Singapore’s Official Playmate of the Year at our finale party on 30th November 2012, 5 – 7pm at *SCAPE Playspace, PUMA Play Bus