PUMA's MotoGP Pundit Alex Hofmann

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Alex Hofmann is a former Grand Prix motorcycle roadracer, who participated in more than a 100 Moto Grands Prix during his career.

He first started in the MotoGP in 2002, making his debut as a stand-in rider for Gary McCoy at the WCM Red Bull Yamaha team. From 2006 until the end of Hofmann’s career, he was riding Ducati for the D´Antin MotoGP team.

At the beginning of the season 2007, Hofmann scored the best result of his career reaching the fifth place at the French GP in Le Mans. Due to the injuries caused by an accident in July in the same year Alex Hofmann finished his career and unfortunately never raced again since 2007.

Today Alex regularly appears as a commentator during Moto GPs in the German TV and is now exclusively writing pundit pieces about MotoGP races for puma.com/motorsport