PUMA Social Hall of the Infamous

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Celebrating the champions of the late night sports, PUMA hosted the Social "Hall of the Infamous" poll countdown in Singapore at Home Club. The finale brought together the top 24 finalists selected by the fans via digital nomination and polling over an intensive 6-week campaign period.

The party was hosted by FLY Entertainment artiste Bryan Gamboa and Power 98 DJ Darren Wee, who also played umpire to a series of interactive challenges battled out by the After Hours Finalists. Highlights of challenges included a race to drink the fastest pint of beer in the fastest record time by the Shot Downer finalists, while the other finalists pitted their skills in foosball, ping pong and bullseye social games.

This new generation of social athletes were honored and inducted the top 12 winners into PUMA Social’s "Hall of the Infamous" who best represented the social monickers such as the 5AM Cab Runner, Compulsive Instagrammer, Ping Pong Hogger, among others.

It was a livewire showdown that drew a record attendance including illustrious After Hours PUMA friends like Class 95 DJ Bobby Tonelli, Actors Chua En Lai and Alaric Tay, Actress Dawn Yeoh, Model Sheila Sim, PASSION hairstylists Gary Low, Ben, Desmond Yong, Nigel and Ryan Yap, and Hide and Seek team Keith Png and Clarence Lee.