Official Play Guide - Singapore Edition

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Playmates in Singapore! How well do you know your city?

Here's your chance to discover insider tips about the best places to play around town. And we're throwing in awesome prizes while you're at it.

Scan the QR code and you're good to go. The QR code is also printed on in the Official Play Guide available at Zouk, Butter Factory, Zirca, Rebel, Rebelhood and Mulligan's!

Introducing the PUMA Social Official Play Guide. It’s a fun and interactive mobile city guide that lets Playmates discover the places to play, eat and to have fun in the city, day or night. Playmates’ city knowhow will be put to the test as some never been uncovered play spots are also thrown in this urban map.

Users simply need to scan the QR code on the printed map using their smartphones and will automatically be led to an interactive mobile app. Here they are given easy challenges about play spots around their city. Each correct answer lets them advance on the map. A special prize awaits if they accomplish all eight challenges. An exclusive limited offer is up for grabs if they answer the Captain’s bonus question.

The printed map is a collector’s piece on its own. On the back is a special artwork by renowned French street artist and illustrator Keflione (aka Keflouis XIV) with his rendition of ‘turning cities into urban playgrounds’.

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