Eric's F1 Travelogue - Austin

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Hi Guys, Eric here. What an awesome race! Non-stop action for 56 laps and more than 117,000 people lining the track to create a brilliant party atmosphere. Afterwards, there was nothing but praise for the Circuit of the Americas.

“The whole weekend has surpassed my expectations,” said F1 commercial boss Bernie Ecclestone. “Twelve months ago there wasn’t even a race, yet here we are. Everything is good; everyone is happy. The governor says we’ll get an even bigger crowd next year than we did this year.”

The post-race party continued late into Sunday night. Former F1 team principal Eddie Jordan was spotted playing the drums at a random bar long past midnight and 1996 world champion Damon Hill took to the base guitar elsewhere. Huge fun all round.

F1 has been carried along on a wave of euphoria all weekend. This was one of the best race weekends of the year, so please check out my race day pictures.