Eric's F1 Indian Travelogue

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Hi Guys, Eric here! I'm reporting from New Delhi after a fascinating Indian Grand Prix weekend. It was another brilliant race and there was enough off-track excitement to write a book. 

The advertising slogans talk about ‘Incredible India’, and they are not wrong: a more colourful and diverse country is hard to find on the Formula One calendar. The smells, the spices, the friendliness of the people and the erratic driving on the open road make this race unique.

“It reminds me a bit of Brazil,” says Ferrari star Felipe Massa. “Only it’s more crazy!”

The Buddh International Circuit lies 30km outside Delhi and getting there is no easy task. There are motorways linking the city and the racetrack, but most of the taxi drivers prefer to use single-track roads, which turns a 30-minute journey into a one-hour one. Lane discipline is appalling and survival (yes, that’s the right word!) depends on good spatial awareness.

Once you get to the Buddh International Circuit, you’re greeted by a calmness that’s missing in Delhi. There’s space to walk, without the risk of getting run over, and the elevation changes around the lap make it a great circuit for viewing. To quote Nico Rosberg, “It’s one of the best circuits we visit.”

I split my time between Delhi and the Buddh International Circuit. Please check out my pictures to see what I got up to!