Eric's F1 Hungarian Travelogue

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Hi Guys, Eric here! It's been a busy few days getting from Hockenheim to the Hungaroring, and it would appear that everyone in Formula One has taken a different route. More than 500 lorries have made the 16-hour journey by road; team members have either flown straight from Frankfurt to Budapest to meet them, or they've flown back to their bases for a couple of days before heading to Hungary on Thursday morning.

What’s certain is that the weather has been ordinary all week. Only a few years ago this race was a dead cert for sunshine, but that’s no longer the case. Jenson Button had to pull out all the stops to win this race in mixed conditions last year, and there has been cloud and light rain most of this week. Add spice to the weekend’s events, thunderstorms are predicted for Sunday…

Since arriving in Budapest I’ve been sightseeing and it’s an absolutely beautiful city. The mix of stunning architecture, large open spaces and one of the most formidable rivers in Europe flowing through its centre makes Budapest unmissable. Check out my pictures!