Eric Meets Nico - Q&A

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Hi Guys, Eric Here! What a great guy Nico Rosberg is! It was great chatting and I appreciatte all of the help I received with the questions! Check out his responses below! 

1. James Tucker

What’s the best part of being an F1 driver?

Crossing the finish line to win a Formula One race and celebrating with the whole team, friends and family.

2. Jasmine Riva

Do you think you could win the Chinese GP again with this year’s car?

Let’s wait and see… it is so difficult to predict. A podium is realistic for sure.

3. Henry Kelsall

Do you feel that you and the team will be able to challenge for more than one victory in 2013 and possibly the title?

It is impossible to predict, we have to wait and see.

4. Evan Knudsen

How has it been with Lewis’ arrival and the media buzz, does the focus on your teammate relieve some pressure for you or increase your motivation?

I haven’t noticed this. Maybe because I have been quite used to the media buzz being a team mate of Michael’s for 3 years.

5. Francis Tuason

Do you have any lucky underwear that you wear at each race, or perhaps any lucky charms?!

No. But do I get in the car from the right-hand side every time.

6. James Tucker:

If you could race any circuit, past or present, which track would you choose and why?

Monaco today. It is my home race and it’s a great challenge for me.

7. Car People Are Awesome

How do you fight fatigue behind the wheel?

I am really fit so that helps. I also try to relax and breathe deeply on the straights.

8. Pam Sharkey

If you had the power, what changes would you like to see in F1?

I don’t know. Maybe something to reduce the importance of the car, so that one could win races being in any team if one is really good.

9. Stelnica Georgieva

Do you think that your favourite football team – FC Bayern Munich – could win the Champions League this year?

Most definitely. They are the best.

10. Kim Larissa Engelfried

Who is your favourite football player from FC Bayern Munich?

I don’t have one favourite. I really enjoy watching them play as they are on great form.

11. Satoshi Takano Anderson

What sports do you like the most to play or watch besides F1?

I enjoy cycling. Also watching the Tour de France is great

12. Irina Meshcheriakova

You speak several languages, what is your favourite one and why?

Italian. All my friends are Italian and its great fun to speak Italian with them. It’s such an easy going language