Eddie Jordan: Singapore Preview

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There is no doubt in my mind that Singapore’s Grand Prix is one of the major successes in Formula One’s history. Sometimes you have to introduce ground-breaking changes, and this is one of those. At the time Bernie Ecclestone had the vision for this, no one in their right mind would have thought it would be possible to have all the systems required for a safe Grand Prix at night.

When you look at the electrical installations, all the lights to provide illumination as good as daylight - if not better – it is incredible what Colin Sin and his team achieved here. There is little doubt Singapore is amongst the top three Grand Prix in the world, and to have achieved that status in a remarkably short space of time is astounding.

Of course Monaco is right up there, and the third event really depends on what country you’re from. Of course the British think Silverstone is great, the Germans or Spanish that their race is best, Australia has a great ambience, but Singapore deserves to be on a list of three.

The stuff they do around the race is also very impressive: good rock bands, top class supporting acts for grid walks; the city at night – particularly on TV – all of it is totally top class.

For that reason I think it would be fitting not only for the Championship and Sebastian Vettel, but also for Singapore for him to wrap up the title here. Frankly, I can’t think of a more appropriate place for him to celebrate his second consecutive Championship.

His consistency, make that lack of consistency on the part of the others, means that even if he sat out the next three races he can’t be beaten. There is no doubt he will again be a worthy champion, and he proved that with his jaw-breaking overtake on Fernando Alonso in Monza. A lot of people said Seb could only win from the front, but in Monza he proved he is a real racer.

What made it even more meritorious was that he had no need – he could have played it safe, , but the racer in him just would not let him settle for second best, and in the process he laid down a marker which will stand him in good stead in future.

I think it was remarkable that both Fernando and Lewis Hamilton said some gracious things about Sebastian during press conferences this week. Both spoke highly of him. I liked what they said because it is true; they could so easily have said he has the fastest car etc. – also true, but they recognised he still had to drive it to victory, which Mark Webber in the same car has yet to do.

I am often asked which of the three – Sebastian, Lewis or Fernando – is the better driver if driving the same car. We should not overlook Jenson Button, who also put in very good races this year. But, it’s all speculation, and we’re not in the business of speculation, we are in the business of facts, but I think a hankie could probably cover the top three of four.

I am very pleased Fernando and PUMA’s partner team Ferrari are second because it proves they turned their season around after a difficult start. I must say that after three or four races I doubted they could be second in the Drivers’ Championship after 13 races, but their comeback really started with Fernando’s remarkable British Grand Prix. We should not forget Fernando won two of the previous three Grand Prix here…