Alex Hofmann: Community Q&A August

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Last week we had chat with MotoGP ace and PUMA motorsport pundit Alex Hofmann to ask him the questions that really matter to you, the PUMA Motorsport community.

Here’s six of the best, as submitted by you!

Wanstez Redzuan: When u are on top speed, and suddenly the brakes did not function, what is it u would do?

You’ll figure it out before you’ve reached maximum top speed at the end of the straight so there’s no time for reaction. Usually you’d notice there’s one brake fading - it’s usually the rear one because it’s used less. But still, you’ll end up in the gravel trap for sure, you just have to hope there’s enough run off, that’s all you can do.

Craig Blake: When you get thrown off your bike at highspeed how does it feel to be flying through the air and hitting the tarmac??

Well this is a very good question because it is a very special moment. If you talk to the racers they’ll be in agreement that the moment when you lose control of the bike so fast that you can’t react to it, the time you spend in the air seems like super slow motion. You feel like you have the time to think about ‘oh there is the track, there is the sky’ and when you’re flying through the air it feels like forever. All you can think about is ‘oh this is gonna hurt really bad’. It’s really very strange how you feel the whole process.

Zsolti Pál: Do you feel any fear at all while driving with astonishing speed on the tracks?

I think everybody out there, even the best guys, they have respect for the speed they are going, so it’s more respect than fear because if you lose respect then it’s gonna hurt. You’ve got to have respect for what you do because it’s a very dangerous sport.

Ian Johnson: Given your love for extreme sports, if you weren’t racing in MotoGP, what would you be doing?

Well that’s a very good question! I was very close to being a downhill skier too when I was young, so the decision for me was between racing motorcycles and downhill skiing. But, looking at everything as it is right now, I think I’d be a professional surfer because you hang out on the beach everyday and all you need is a pair of flip flops and trousers, so I think that would be perfect.

Zsolti Pál: Would you like to try out a Formula 1 car one day just for fun?

I think everybody who’s into racing cars and motorcycles would say yes. I’ve raced different cars, and I’ve been taken for a drive in a DTM car but never a Formula One car. I’ve visited many races and I’ve seen the technique and I know the F1 drivers, but I’ve never had the chance. You know Valentino Rossi’s been in one, there’s been a couple of guys who’ve had the experience, and they’ve all said it was special.

Vin Casteu: Which is the world's best race track?

It’s hard to pick out just one but, for motorcycles there’s two names usually that get thrown around from the riders: it’s either Mugello in Italy because it’s such a beautiful track, and the other one is Phillip Island in Australia because you’re on the sea the track is very fast. I don’t wanna decide between those because I love them both. At Phillip Island you come down the straight at 320 and you’re looking into the ocean, and sometimes you also have to fight seagulls and stuff, this is very, very special. At Mugello, it’s the whole Italian experience – you have a little hill where you’re climbing for five metres and you always wheelie on the motorcycle at 325 or 330 so you have to watch out that you get the front end down before you start braking, or it’s gonna end pretty bad!

Thanks to everyone who submitted a question, for more opportunities to put your queries to Alex, keep an eye on the PUMA Motorsport Facebook Page!