Subaru PUMA Rallycross Driver Dave Mirra Edged Out in the Finals

Saturday’s main event took place at an enormous Charlotte Motor Speedway right after NASCAR’s Nationwide series. Thousands of fans came to watch Global Rallycross, a new, exciting sport for the US. There was no shortage of rally cars bouncing off of each other and in some cases plowing through water barriers. The first heat races saw Mirra take second to advance to the finals. While challenging for the lead, Isachsen fell victim to a part failure in his number eleven Subaru STI. With some quick work by an amazing crew, he made it back from the dead to join Lasek for one of two spots in the Last Chance Qualifier (LCQ). In the LCQ, Isachsen again suffered another minor mechanical that forced him to drift back from second place to miss the finals.

“I have gained a really, really good feeling about my Subaru during this first event,” explained Isachsen. “We have only just started the development of our car yet I had the pace to challenge our rivals here in Charlotte, who have been developing their cars for Rallycross for years. They are at their limit yet we are just scratching the surface, so the potential I see is very good. It was a good weekend for me to learn this and get some time in the car, so I’m very confident now. We will fight for victory at the next round, I am sure of it.” As for Lasek, he missed the main event by only one second, finishing third in the LCQ. In his first GRC race, his steady driving is proof that he’ll be a top contender soon. “I felt as if I were a little fish being dropped in a pond full of piranhas… only thing is I enjoyed it,” said Bucky. “I’m really happy with my performance as I stayed out of trouble, stayed smooth and learned so much, so it was a great first step for me and an amazing experience.”

On to the finals. Mirra was off to a great start pushing his Subaru to its limits. Moving up to third place with only two laps remaining, Mirra spun off the track by an opponent’s illegal collision. Although done for the night, he would still pick up eighth place and nine points for the series. “It was wild out there and things just didn’t go my way in the Final,” explained Mirra. “I was pretty upset at the time when I was knocked out, but ultimately I realized we learned a lot this weekend and it was great to get back in my Subaru.” Stay tuned for more from the Subaru PUMA Rallycross team.