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Nefew feat. Dwele

The Game

Innovating and thought provoking are just minor two traits that NEFEW (New Education from Every Word) possess. If you carry on down the list of adjectives that relate to the two childhood friends you will find educated, experienced, understanding, inventive, proactive, dedicated and inspired. You get the picture?

Their eclectic fusion of catchy hooks, exceptional wordplay combined with a meticulous narrative has allowed the duo to enhance their position in Hip-Hop by performing at a variety of international festivals. The duo who met at Kindergarten, have gone through life experiencing the things kids do; skateboarding, break-dancing and graffiti. With the culmination of all these Hip-Hop elements an integral part of their lives, it was a natural progression for them to then delve into the world of producing and rapping.

With a bevy of material to their credit, the support of a global fan base and media paying close attention to the moves they make, it is inevitable that this multi-faceted combo are poised for immeasurable success.


Album Name: Man Vs. Many
Record Label: On Our Feet Ent.