Lean In and Ride With Us - Teaser

This seven part series celebrates the joy of riding and PUMA's long term relationship with Ducati. Seven Ducati riders' passions are explored as we are given a sneak peak into how the world of motorcycles fits into their unique lifestyles. The series follows a magazine founder, an Army Captain, a fixed gear bike designer, a female Master Technician, a Formal Drift judge, a fashion designer, and a musician. For them, just like PUMA, bikes are about more than just the ride, its also about the riding community and the culture - its a way of life. Join PUMA as they celebrate all the different facets of the Ducati motorsport lifestyle, which is the inspiration behind PUMA and Ducati footwear and apparel lifestyle collection.Want to be a part of this world? Starting Monday, May 23rd, PUMA is giving away PUMA gear and the bike that inspired it all through a national contest. Head to click here to enter and find out how to get involved.