Red Bull Hase Gegen Igel Recap

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On September 4, 2010, the 100 most ambitious female runners in Germany took on PUMA Athlete, Sabrina Mockenhaupt (Mocki) in a spectacular race between the hare and the hedgehog.  10 relay teams of 10 women raced against Mocki over the distance of 10,000m.  Mocki ran the whole 10,000m herself while each member of the relay team ran 1,000m.

About 3,000 spectators gathered to cheer for the runners creating a marathon-like atmosphere for the runners.  Mocki lead the race until the 7th round of runners started when a relay team from Hamburg, the “Turbodeerns”, got ahead of Mocki.  In the end the “Turbodeerns” won the race (33:13.12 minutes) finishing about 40 seconds ahead of the next relay team from ASV Cologne (33:55.68 minutes).  Mocki finished close behind in third place (33:58.72 minutes).

Although she did not win, Mocki was glad to have had the chance to run against the women in this fun and challenging race.  She was impressed by the outstanding performances of the participants and congratulated the winning team with gifts and Champagne.  Martina Hilschenz was the fastest woman of the event, covering 1,000m in 3:06.24, and was also part of the winning team.  PUMA was very proud to hand Hilschenz a product voucher of 500,00 €.

Mocki now has her mind focused on the Berlin Marathon on October 26, 2010.  She said the race helped her prepare for the Marathon and is looking forward to giving her best there.