SQUASH 2000 - ‘Treading Lightly All Over Every Iconic Kick Out There’

Usually, nothing strikes fear into our hearts like the words ‘80’s revival’.

At worst, you’re about to turn up your speakers and find a 2012 mega mix of Bananarama blaring out, at best, you might think we’re about to tell you that the rubix cube has become the model of ‘hip happeningness’. Read on without fear, however, as we’ve rekindled, reignited and re-issued an 80’s kick which retains a retro athletic aesthetic that has been unrivalled by any other since it’s joyous birth into the world in 1983.

The Squash 2000 was one of the original and best lightweight shoes for indoor sports and movement of its time. Dance, why not? Sprint? Twirl? Twist? Turn? Whatever you want – there’s nothing this baby can’t take. Back then the Squash represented a brand at the top of its game, using adventurous constructions and materials to push the boundaries of performance and function. Today, you’ll find yourself salivating over its sleek low profile designs and sexy iconic silhouette. We’ve kept everything that made this kick the hit that is once was, including the lightweight and comfortable design, the flawless nylon & suede upper and a thick gum sole.

It’s a shoe that demands you dodge, dive and weave through life, faithfully sticking to your foot like an incredibly alluring postage stamp.

The 80’s grew up. It grew legs. And in 2012 it grew a pair even more spectacular than before.

Squash 2000 – available NOW at Footasylum

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