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May 2010

  • Les Unknown Nicknames of Les Lions Indomptables

    Les Unknown Nicknames of Les Lions Indomptables

    May 27, 2010

    We all know that Cameroon is commonly referred to as les Lions Indomptables (the Indomitable Lions). Whether a reference to their proud country's history, the bold attitude of the people or simply the great relationship between the players, is still unidentified.

  • John Super Mario Mensah Cart

    May 27, 2010

    After spending some time with the Ghanaian team two things become obvious.

    But before we announce the results of this grueling battle, a test of skills and mind, it's important to remember that winning isn't everything.

January 2010



    January 15, 2010

    "MA-LA-WA-SA-LAM! MA-LA-WA-SA-LAM! MA-LA-WA-SA-LAM!" That was the chant PUMAFootball was yelling at the top of its voice last night as we jumped around in the back of a packed pickup truck. Don't ask us what it means or whether we've got it right, but it made perfect sense yesterday after Angola beat Malawi 2-0 and Lubango exploded into a frenzied and impromptu street party.