You Can Take the Girl Out of Shoreditch…

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As a songwriter, she’s known for nailing all styles and all genres quickly. As an artist and performer, she’s equally gifted and talented. The creative powerhouse that is Ruby Goe – a British alt-pop singer-songwriter who runs her own indie label Goe Music and jewelry line ByRogue – gets some of her greatest inspiration from her favorite London haunts.

Since PUMA YARD is new to Brick Lane, we asked Ruby to show us around the neighborhood. Why Ruby? Because the girl’s got Shoreditch in her soul, disco tips on her nails (her moniker for her golden manicure), and a hunger only satiated by the cuisine, style, and swagger of London’s East End.

So if you’re craving Vietnamese, vintage heels, or some seriously sweet music, check into the latest episodes of PUMA’s “Let’s Goe to Town.”

Ruby Goe performs at the PUMA YARD on Saturday, 11 August.