Women's Soccer Daily Reviews PUMA's New Women's Soccer Training Collection

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So clearly, we at PUMA are in love with our new Women’s Soccer Training Collection—turns out, we aren’t the only ones!  Women's Soccer Daily, an online blog dedicated to all things women’s soccer, recently had the opportunity to test out this new product line and they had a few things to say…

“PUMA recently presented Women’s Soccer Daily the opportunity to test its unique women’s soccer training collection.  PUMA didn’t forget its roots with this new release – it’s bright, loud, and stylish, without sacrificing performance.  If you’re an athletic woman that likes to work out in the same sweats that she may just get away with wearing on a date, this collection is for you.  If you’re looking to order online, Soccer.comis your best bet.

I tested the Lifestyle Windbreaker, Statement Soccer Jacket, Lifestyle Graphic Crew sweatshirt, Soccer Capri, Lifestyle SL Hoodie, and the Soccer Rollover Short.  I rated each piece of training gear on a 5 point scale with 5 as excellent and 1 as poor using fit, design, and value as metrics.  There’s one disclosure: I ordered some of the gear a size bigger than I normally would, just because in my experience women’s gear always runs small and sometimes awkward, but this collection is very much true to size.”

To read the rest of the article and get all the details on how they rated our product, head to http://www.womenssoccerdaily.com/