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Marley Missions encourage the simple things in this world

Decades haven’t diminished Bob Marley’s messages of love, kindness, and positivity. And 1love.org serves only to strengthen them. Through this affinity program, the Marley family has hooked up with many charities through the years.

It’s also a place where anyone can come to do Marley Missions. The Marley Missions project was created with a simple goal: to inspire Bob Marley fans everywhere to carry out one small act of love and kindness every day.

“Just one action, one thought, and you can help to change the world,” said Cedella Marley. “For example, you can take a lamp post and dress it up, paint it, put a t-shirt on it, anything. Take something ugly and make it beautiful.”

Cedella cites Overcome with Kindness as one of her favorite Marley Missions. It’s grounded in her father’s lyrics “conquer the devils with a little thing called love.” A simple 3-step process, the mission encourages small acts of kindness for those who need them most.

“I have young children so I try to teach them all of the messages,” said Cedella. “It’s such a simple message but if my kids practice this in school I can only hope it rubs off on people.”

Pass it on. Visit www.1love.org/missions.php

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