When in Rome - Bolt.

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Usain Bolt opens up his Diamond League racing schedule in Rome, Italy - May 31st.

Rome, the Eternal City known for its many firsts and onlys, is the site of Usain Bolt’s upcoming race. How will he prep over the next 24 hours? With plenty of carbohydrates and speed drills. We have a few ideas for how he can put his skills to the test in the Italian capital.

The following are feats rarely accomplished, but we’re thinking Bolt can get the job done in 9.58 seconds or so.

• Get in an order at a famous Roman gelateria. Current record is 2’09.

• Get panhandlers to stop harassing him while standing outside the Pantheon.

• Get drunken crowd to quiet down in Trastevere bar opposite his hotel.

• Convince passersby that he's not a famous Italian footballer.

• Learn to sing "O Sole Mio."

• Hail a cab outside Stadio Olimpico at 5 in the morning.

• Convince a Roman bartender to serve him a cappuccino after 3pm.

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