What’s the Best Ever Save?

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The goalkeeper is a special position and not everybody has the temperament, mental strength or ability to shoulder the responsibility for 90 minutes. Keepers are the last line of defence, but the first person to be blamed when the opposition grabs a goal. In short, it’s a unique position and nobody ever forgets a goalkeeping howler.

We think being a great keeper is all about commanding the area, being in the right place at the right time - and most importantly, having a thick skin!

Clean sheets get points, but it’s the spectacular saves that fans remember most! Yashin, Seaman and Casillas have all made match-winning saves and who can forget the infamous scorpion-kick by the flamboyant Higuita?

But it’s not howlers or fumbles we want to talk about. We want to know what’s the best save you’ve seen? Banks must be in with a shout! Whilst Dasaev, Schmeichel and Buffon have all made saves that defied belief – let us know what you thinks’ the best EVER save!