We 0 Together

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As the European and domestic football season draws to its climactic finale, emotions could not be higher. Champions will be crowned, dreams will be shattered, survivors will survive, heroes and villains will be cast, and we will all face the various joys and despairs of the beautiful game.

Whether you are a footballing demi-god contesting the Champions League Final, a kid’s team manager or the ultimate armchair fan, you will undoubtedly experience some of the highs and lows of football towards the end of the season. Promotion, relegation, a place in Europe or mid-table mediocrity are all possibilities, and the difference between success and failure can often hinge on one fleeting moment – a contentious offside flag, a last-minute penalty or a stoppage time wonder goal.

Perhaps it is actually the psychology of these moments that captures our imagination most. How did it feel to lift the title in front of thousands of adoring fans? How would it feel to score the winner in the Final? How would it feel to miss the last kick of a penalty shoot-out?!

It is these shared emotions that bind us and our love of football whether you are a professional, amateur or a fan.

We 0 together. Do you?