Up Close with Leslie Osborne

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Leslie has been a superstar athlete for the majority of her life. Born in Menomonee Fall, Wisconsin, Leslie Osborne took to sports naturally. She played basketball, volleyball, tennis, soccer, track, cross country, swimming - almost any sport you could think of, really, growing up and it was not until the age of 14 did she decide to focus on soccer. Since, she's been honing her skills and has become one of the world's best female soccer players.  Here's an up close interview with this fast foot action girl:

What inspires you? Hard work, dedication and people fighting for our (US) country inspire me. I love being part of a team and representing my country.

Are there any charities or causes that you are passionate about? The Boys and Girls Club and Grassroots Soccer. I like to be involved with kids and to be able to give back. I am so fortunate, and I try to give back to the community every day. I also like visiting children's hospitals and talking to children that are going through illnesses.

Outside of soccer, what are your hobbies? I love working out, especially Bikram Yoga, cross country skiing and spin classes. I also like to travle, shop, try new and exciting restaurants and go to sporting events.

If you weren't a professional soccer player, what would you be? If I wasn't playing soccer, I'd love to work in fashion, sports broadcasting or coaching.

What's on your workout/pre-game iPod playlist? I love Black Eye Peas, Lil Wayne, MIA, and Rascal Flatts. I love working out to Hip Hop.

Fun Fact about Leslie: Leslie is also a tennis superstar, but at a young age she chose the field over the court.