The Urban Player's Uniform

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We went to great lengths to round up the essential gear for the Social Playmates, thoughtfully considering the best makes and styles that compliment their freewheeling attitude. Here’s the AW12 PUMA Social Play Collection.

Archive Lite Lo - Lightweight classic for urban players

This season’s nod to a true blue PUMA classic - the Archive Lite Lo takes after its big brother, The PUMA
Suede. Setting them apart is the injected EVA outsole, similar to the material used in our Faas shoes, and a breathable mesh upper. This combo makes the Archive Lite Lo extremely lightweight and comfortable. So if you’re planning to do leaps and jumps around the city, this is the perfect shoe for you.

(Available in Hong Kong)

Archive Lite Mid - For moonwalks and trip-hops

Also a member of the Suede family, the Archive Lite Mid has just the needed support for sudden moves on the dance floor. The breathable mesh upper keeps things cools even when the pavement gets hot.

(Available in Singapore and Malaysia)

Archive Lite Urban Outsider - Bring the great outdoors to the city streets

Still keeping things light, the Archive Lite Urban Outsider is your best bet for a comfortable stride in the city. Compared to other walkers, this is a punchy number with bright colors and hiking laces that’s perfect from day to night action.

(Available in Hong Kong)

City Snow Boot Women’s - For trekking slopes and escalators

This much we know: it’s the journey that counts. Whether that journey is 2 miles or 2 city blocks, it matters not when you’re with friends and all warm and happy and the City Snow Boot Fur. We took the classic alpine ankle boots and put a city spin on them. The City Snow Boot is made of premium leather with a fur trim. Lacing hardwear and hiking laces complete this number.

(Available in Hong Kong,Taiwan and Korea)

Josey - Made for walking, dancing and pack-leading

Josey is a modern midcut that balances edginess with a dose of smooth materials like leather and nylon. A sure hit in lunch-outs and and night clubs.

(Available in Singapore and Malaysia)


Roma Hiker - A compass for the urban jungle

Inspired by the classic PUMA Roma first introduced in 1968, this urbanized Roma Hiker gets a fresh makeover with bold colors, suede uppers, padded collar, speed lacing and heel pulls. It can take on the most challenging conditions in the city – from rush hour commutes to shortcuts through the park.

(Available in Korea)

Suede Classic - A new spin on the old school kicks

Definitely the most well-known and popular of all PUMA shoes, the design classic rightly deserves its place in public affection and in every Hall of Fame. Since 1968, Suede has been involved in historical matters on global scale, from track to the streets. This season, PUMA brings back the icon rightly so as the dance movement on the street is still alive and kicking.

(Available in Hong Kong)

Trinomic Trail Lo & Trinomic Trail Mid - Essential gear for urban climbers

The Trinomic Trail Mid and Lo are genius by-products of street and outdoor wear, fused with PUMA’s Trinomic technology. The rugged trail inspired outsole features a hexagonal lug patterm and Trinomic heel cushioning system. PUMA went all out with this season’s Trinomic shoe with neon colors and bold color blocks. Truly not for those who want to blend in.

(Available in Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan and Korea)

Avalanche Grip Bag - Bring the winter wonderland to the concrete jungle

The Avalanche Grip Bag sticks the “wonder” in winter wonderland and reinvents a classic PUMA silhouette. The style is inspired by mountain winter gear - think flashy down ski jackets and climbing hardwear.

(Available in Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan and Korea)


Dotty Down Jacket - Camouflage for the urban lioness

A playful twist on the conventional down puff jacket, this charming number is adorned with small polka dots that keep you inspired to go out and enjoy the urban playground but still keep you warm and fuzzy with the right down content.

(Available in Hong Kong and Taiwan)


Reversible Down Jacket - Blend in or stand out. It’s the best of both worlds

The city is your friend but you still cannot escape the elements while you’re out to play.
The Reversible Down Jacket is your best bet against the cruel weather and won’t stop you from having fun. It’s color-blocking style will definitely make you stand out from the monotony of the usual holiday wear.

(Available in Hong Kong and Taiwan) 

Bulky Goose Down - Essential protection for urban warriors

If you’re getting yourself into extreme conditions, this is the outerwear that you need before heading out. Get ultimate warmth and maneuver your way through the city with the Bulky Goose Down Jacket.

(Available in Korea)

If you’re getting yourself into extreme conditions, this is the outerwear that you need before heading out. Get ultimate warmth and maneuver your way through the city with the Bulky Goose Down Jacket. The AW12 PUMA Social Play Collection is now available at PUMA Stores and lifestyle retailers in your city.