The Ultimate “Super Sub?”

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Every once in a while somebody develops a reputation for being an impact player or even earns the dubious title of “super sub!”

Whilst, the availability of such a player is an asset for any manager, “super subs” are also a source of great frustration! Especially when the same person looks dangerous coming off the bench and the complete opposite when they’re in the starting 11!

When your team is not firing on all cylinders and needs to pick up the pace – who does your manager turn to?

Sir Alex Ferguson has always had a player or two ready to come on with the Midas touch in front of goal!  From McClair to Solskjaer and more recently Hernandez, inspired substitutions have won points and earned silverware for the Red Devils. But, most teams don’t have this luxury!

We want to know which player your team can always rely on to liven things up! It might be a journeyman striker or young winger, but who can you rely on to bag a goal?

Here’s footage of one of the “super subs” of the season!