The New Kehinde Wiley Boot Changes the Face of Football

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What do you get when you pick one of our times most acclaimed and groundbreaking artists; give him a PUMA v.1.10 Boot - and let him unleash his talent on it.

In his second collaboration with PUMA, Kehinde Wiley, with his signature graphic prints inspired by the bold colors of Africa, took the v.1.10 football boot and made it into something extraordinary. Together, the product statements help set the stage for the ongoing PUMA Global Football campaign that is leading up to and through the FIFA World Cup 2010 in South Africa.

Kehinde Wiley has distinguished himself for his portraits of famous African-Americans depicted in classical poses set against Wiley’s signature graphic backgrounds. These brilliantly colored patterns are featured in the line of apparel, footwear and accessories that he recently designed with PUMA. Embodying the spirit of what it is to be a football player and fan – Wiley consistently brings both intensity and passion to his creations.

For all the curious and anticipating fans, calling out, “but when can we see this artwork-gone-boot” (or vice versa) we suggest you keep an extra eye open on PUMA players Samuel Eto’o, John Mensah and Emmanuel Eboué who will all wear this limited edition boot in their UEFA Champions League games, starting December 9th and through their respective league games during the weekend of December 19/20th.  All three players will sign their boots, which will be auctioned off in 2010 at the FIFA World Cup™ to benefit charity. The Limited Edition v.1.10 Kehinde Wiley boot isn’t just another designed football boot. It is a rich merit to Africa and comes in a uniquely numbered edition – so don’t slouch behind and admire it for too long, cause this boot is sure to be a sought-after collector’s item.