The Many Faces of a Football Chairman

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Love them or loathe them, every football club needs a chairman. Some are trigger happy and fire managers at the first sign of a slump, whilst others think money solves every problem!

We’ve spoken to fans on the terraces up and down the country and come up with the many faces of a football chairman!

Do any of them sound familiar?

This type of chairman takes being hands on to a whole new level! With egos size of a small stadium, they always have an opinion on everything and often (or at least try to) pick the team, formation and tactics. Over the years these interfering individuals have caused many a manager to simply walk away from the job!

It’s never a good day when you sell your star player, but some teams will always be ‘selling’ clubs who need someone to balance the books! You may see a tricky winger, but salesman see a potential transfer fee! These guys have the unenviable task of striking a balance between asset stripping and success on the pitch! But, there’ll always have an eye on the bottom line - and there’s a lot to be said for making sure your clubs ends up in the black!

Sugar daddy
You know that you have a sugar daddy in charge when money becomes no object! This type of chairman throws buckets of money around without any consideration for the club’s coffers! You’ll be guaranteed a roller coaster ride and maybe even some silverware, but financial ruin may not be far away with their gung-ho approach!

Trigger happy
Some chairman develop a reputation for being trigger happy and sacking managers at the first sign of trouble. Hiring and firing is the way these chairman run football clubs and many have more than a passing resemblance to a Bond villain. Trigger happy megalomaniacs are often characterised by a short fuse, red face and limited patience!

These guys take a much more pragmatic and sensible approach to running a football club. This type of chairman normally props up the club by underwriting any debts, without pumping ridiculous sums of money into the club! Underwriters don’t court publicity like sugar daddy’s, but they often deserve a big pat on the back for keeping the club going!

What type of chairman is in charge of your club?