The Man Called Frano

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If you haven’t been to Jamaica, just stand next to Alfred “Frano” Francis. His aura is the island itself. Not to mention that the man wears his Iron Lion Jacket the way it should be worn – with casual swagger to spare – proving the Jamaican physique is built as much for style as sport.

With a handshake that is equal parts firm and gentle, Frano introduces himself as an executive member of the Jamaican Athletics Association and a track enthusiast. (Or as he says, and we’ve become so enamored by, en-too-zee-ist.). Everyone else will tell you he’s like an uncle, father, inspiration.

Frano has long been a fixture with Team Jamaica. But these last few weeks, he was a fixture on Brick Lane, holding court in a corner of the PUMA YARD, forever surrounded by sport prodigies and groupies soaking up his warm isle vibes. When Jamaican athletes took podiums one, two, and three in the 200m final, the atmosphere was more calm and content as opposed to boisterous and wild. Jamaicans and Londoners alike drank deeply from that triply Jamaican victory lap and it wasn’t just good—it was irie.

What did Frano have to say? Four words: Coronation of a Legend.

For this man and his island, it’s the perfect summation.

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