The Blue v1.11 Guide to the Coolest Things in Football

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A rundown of the things we love about the beautiful game.

5. One Club Heroes

Above everything else, the one trait fans look for in their players is commitment. Anything else can be forgiven but if a player doesn’t give it his all on match day then it leaves supporters wondering why they bother as well. On the flipside, there is the local star that is living in the dream. He has grown up in the neighbourhood, got a chance in the first team and grabbed it with both hands. He knows he has the best job in the world and if there’s a last minute winner to be scored or a shot to be cleared off the line in stoppage time you can be sure that he’ll give every last breath in his lungs to do it. Impossible to tap up by opposition team managers, the one club hero is not interested in chasing the money because he knows exactly what the team means to the fans. Why? Because he’s one himself.

4. Winning The League

It’s a long, long season but there’s nothing in football that can match the emotion when you win the title. It doesn’t matter whether it’s the Premier League or your local Sunday league, because being champions is what it’s all about. They say it’s the taking part that counts but they obviously don’t know what they’re talking about because winning is everything. Just ask the likes of Sergio Aguero, Mario Gomez and Falcao what they dream about each night and they’ll all tell you exactly the same thing… being number one!

3. The Step Over

If you want to announce yourself on the football pitch, you can't beat the step over or pedalada. Actions speak louder than words so if you reckon you’re a player then you need to master this move. Designed to make a mockery of leaden-footed defenders, the step over was invented in the late 1920s by a Dutchman by the name of Lawrence Adam. Nicknamed “Adam The Scissorman” because of the scissor action of his dribbling feet, he would continually feign to move in one direction and then surge off the opposite way. A century on, defenders are far more used to seeing it than back in the Scissorman’s day, so make sure you’re quick with it otherwise that ugly centre-back will flatten you for being so cheeky.

2. Magnificent Solo Goals

Football is a team game but deep down we all want to be the hero who scores something out of nothing. As fans, we want to see brilliant weaving runs that leave half the opposition team on their backs and cannonball shots that dip and arch into the back of the net. Now that’s worth getting out of your seat for.

1. The Blue v1.11 Speed Boot

The coolest boot out there. The blue v1.11 is worn by some of the world’s most exciting players: Sergio Aguero, Mario Gomez and Falcao because it’s built for speed and looks great too. Just like every great player needs support from his teammates, a great boot needs to support the whole of your foot. The v1.11 has a carbon fibre footplate which makes the boot even lighter and increases flexibility so you can stretch your foot to poke in that last minute winner.

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