The Blue v1.11 Guide To The 25 Coolest Things In Football, Part1

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A rundown of the things we love most about the beautiful game

25. The Nutmeg

Nutmeg, panna, salad, apron… whatever you call it, rolling the ball through your opponents’ legs and embarrassing the pants off him is one of the most satisfying moves in football. Whether you pick the ball up the other side, find a teammate with a pass or simply rifle a shot between his feet – you can’t match that moment for sheer audacity as your opponent is left wondering how you managed to make him look about as dangerous as a training cone. Debate exists on the origin of the term nutmeg. Does it refer to the fact that the ball passes under the ‘nuts’ of the opposition player? Or does it hark back to the days when nutmeg traders would dupe victims by selling them bits of wood instead of the valuable spice? Who cares when it feels this good?

24. Perfect hat-tricks

Hat-tricks are all well and good but when it comes to bragging rights you can’t top the 'perfect' variety. That’s three goals scored in a match with the right foot, the left foot and the head just like the one PUMA star Peter Crouch bagged for Liverpool against Arsenal back in 2007. Oxford defender Michael Duberry was somewhat less proud recently though when he scored with his right foot, left foot and head. Two of his goals were scored at the wrong end prompting the press to cruelly mock him for his ‘imperfect hat-trick’. Poor fellow.

23. Goalkeepers scoring

You can’t help but be cheered by those rare moments when a goalkeeper charges up the field for a last minute set-piece. Most of the time they get nowhere near the ball and then have to hurtle back to their own nets before they get unceremoniously lobbed. However, every once in a while these lanky chaps get a head, foot or knee on the ball and it ends up in back of the goal. Then they tend to go a bit mental because they’ve got absolutely no goal celebration experience whatsoever. Bless.

22. Last minute winners

This is what football is all about. Nothing can match the euphoria felt by players and fans alike when 90 minutes of escalating tension finally reaches a stadium- juddering crescendo. Just ask any Italian. That 2006 World Cup semi-final between Germany and Italy was heading inevitably towards penalties - and no doubt defeat for Il Azzurri judging by the two teams’ previous shootout records – when in the last minute of extra-time Fabio Grosso scored with a delicious curler. The full-back ‘s wild head-shaking celebratory run and the subsequent bundle by his ecstatic team-mates stands to this day as video testimony to what one goal can do to grown men.

21. Clever chants

Every season there’s a new raft of chants that keeps fans rocking in the stands. Whether they’re tributes to heroes or jokes about our rivals they give supporters a chance to express themselves. When PUMA star Cesc Fàbregas broke in to the Arsenal team, Highbury fans fondly bellowed: "He's only 17, He's better than Roy Keane." Some chants are so infectious that after hearing them it becomes impossible to get them out of your head. Just try watching reruns of the US sitcom Happy Days without singing the old Newcastle classic: “Sunday, Monday, Habib Beye! Tuesday, Wednesday, Habib Beye! Thursday, Friday, Habib Beye! Saturday, Habib Beye, rocking all week with you!”

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