The Algerian Team is the Desert Foxes For a Reason

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The afternoon training yesterday was high-spirited (maybe shopping has that effect?) We noticed something quite unique about the method the Algerians have to start off to kick-start the training. They played a game in a circle where they passed the ball kicking with the foot. If the ball hits the ground, the one who let it fall gets flicked on the ear by their teammates.

This went on for at least a half hour, everyone was laughing and cheering, needless to say some ears were redder than others. We asked Rafik the origins of this game and he said it’s a special Algerian pastime, reserved for the National team.

The team is really tight, you can see the brotherhood between them. The uncommon characteristic of a Desert Fox (compared to other foxes) is that they tend to stay in packs and is loyal to their families.