Technique or Physique – What’s More Important?

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At the PUMA Football HQ we’ve been debating the merits of technique versus physique in the modern day footballer.

To play the game at the highest level you need to be supremely talented with the ball, but also strong and fit enough to compete against the opposition and last the game - or at least make it to half-time.

But which attribute is more important?

We’d make the case that ability should always come first! Being comfortable on the ball takes years to perfect and it’s those players with the silky skills which make the beautiful game so attractive, rather than the big lumps who can run all day!

Whilst, it’s no use having all the ability in the world if you’re as mobile as a carthorse, one thing is for certain; it’s always more entertaining watching players with a natural ability instead of those who have spent too much time in the gym!

So technique or physique, which do you think is more important? We realize it’s a bit of a chicken and egg argument, but one that kept us entertained over the weekend!

We haven’t come to any firm conclusions, except that it helps to have a decent amount of both (like Samuel Eto'o!)

Let us know your thoughts on the matter too!