Revealed! The Magic Behind Sergio Aguero’s Blue V1.11 Speed Boot

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Pace is everything in football – which is why PUMA have built a boot specifically for that purpose. Here’s how it works…

What do Sergio Aguero, Falcao and Mario Gomez – three of the world’s deadliest strikers – all have in common?

Well, apart from blistering pace, the balance of an acrobat and goals, goals, goals, they all wear PUMA’s new blue v1.11 Speed boots. Why? Because above all they need to get to the ball first. Thanks to the technology behind the boots, you can too.

The v1.11 Speed boots are built to give you everything you need to be the fastest on the pitch. They’re incredibly light thanks to the premium lightweight microfiber upper material and they also looks pretty great too.

There’s a carbon fibre footplate too – which makes the boot even lighter and increases flexibility so you can stretch your foot to poke in that last minute winner.

You need that last minute chance to end up in the back of the net not the back of the stands. That’s why the v1.11 has been designed with central lacing and a lace-cover that offers you maximum contact area. These features also ensure the boot fits your foot snugly.

Comfort is everything for players who need to remain 100 percent focused. PUMA’s special UNI technology - the boot’s upper material is stitched rather than glued to the sole - is dedicated to ensuring you are not distracted by discomfort and results in the best fit possible.

Just like every great player needs support from his teammates, a great boot needs to support the whole of your feet. That’s why the PUMA v1.11 is fitted with an external heel counter and a Pebax frame that provides support to your sole.

The middle of your foot is further reinforced with a TPU composite that helps improve stability and avoids any undesirable mid-foot bending.
When you prepare to unleash your match winning shot, the unique pointed stud configuration ensures your feet have maximum traction and maneuverability.

Fortunately all this technical stuff is taken care of by PUMA’s lab boffins so you can focus on your football. All you need to know is that when you’re on the pitch, they will help you be the fastest, most lethal player you can possibly be. Just like your fellow v1.11 teammates: Aguero, Falcao and Gomez.

To find out more about the blue v1.11s go here.

You will be able to buy the new blue v1.11 at the end of March at your nearest participating INTERSPORT store.

Stay tuned for which stores will be selling the new v1.11 as we'll be telling you more soon.