PUMA Social Club Jozi Livestream

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We came, we live-streamed and we conquered.

At the beginning of 2013 we took Cape Town based super band 'Beast' to the world in a worldwide live stream from PUMA Social Club Jozi. The live stream was one of the most awesome we've ever had, with people tuning in from all around the world. PUMA Social Club Jozi, like one of those good things, must come to an end on Friday the 22nd March 2013, we thought we may as well go out with a bang and show the world what they've been missing. So we're streaming it all again, and we're bringing back the band that opened up PUMA Social Club Jozi in October 2012.

On Friday the 22nd March, we'll bring you a live stream from PUMA Social Club Jozi for the last time ever with a performance from Desmond and The Tutus. Tune in from 10:30PM and see for the last time the club that made Braamfontein heaven every Friday for 6 months.

Did you miss the last stream?  Check it out below!