PUMA Australia Brings you JOY! And the Winning Photo is...

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Well, perhaps a more accurate description would be that we at PUMA Australia asked YOU to bring US joy! Because we are of the belief that life is meant to be played, we asked our fans to share with us an epic moment of joy that they have experienced.

Whether it be the piggy back ride they got home from the bar last night, or the burger eating contest in which they beat their best mate. Whether it be the digits that they got off that hot bird at the bar, the high five with a random stranger, or the bulls eye that won them the game. We wanted to see it all!

And boy did we see it all. The response to the competition was outstanding with some very interesting versions of joy! We are very pleased to award the PUMA Social Royalty crown to Alana Plymin for her hilarious demise of the human pyramid that was captured beautifully on film!

Alana will win a massive PUMA prize pack worth $1,000 - that should stir up some feelings of joy! Well done Alana