Out Shopping with the Desert Foxes!

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When PUMA Football invited the Algerian team to visit the PUMA store in Herzogenaurach, just around the corner from where they are training in preparation for the World Cup - the players leapt at the chance.

Nadir Belhadj was last seen trying on a very fetching white Algeria tracksuit (you’d think he’d have enough of those!), Karim Ziani was carrying a pile of T-shirts so big he could only just see over the top and ‘Boogie’ Bougherra was checking out a pair of cool new sneakers (Algeria green, naturally).

The trip was also the perfect opportunity for the players to say hello to some of their dedicated fans and sign some autographs. Children of all ages queued up to meet their heroes but it wasn’t just the kids who were getting over excited – some adults were being big kids too.