Night of Epic Proportions

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We flew with a small delegation from the Lions to Paris today on a private jet. It was nice to travel with the guys as people, not "just" football players. The plane ride was fun; we have never seen grown men eat so much chocolate! We have a feeling the flight attendant was expecting that, as she was very well prepared.

We arrived quite late to Paris – all of us hungry and super tired. After checking into rooms, Idrissou called - something special was on its way. He said it would take awhile, but to hold our appetite. Around midnight, there was a knocking on doors outside in the hall. We looked out and were beckoned by a small group of excited guys, eyes sparkling! "Come, the food is here!" We followed them down the hall and walked into heaven.

Gaetan's room smelled like the fish restaurant in Yaounde. Gaetan's parents had come from Paris and brought an unimaginable feast of Cameroon dishes. There was THE FISH. Tilapia, grilled perfectly with onions and lemon.

Bobolo, made of fermented cassava shaped in a loaf, and ndole which is made of boiled, shredded bitterleaf (a type of green), peanuts, and melon seeds, seasoned with spices and hot oil.

There was also plantains and the most delicious - but hottest hot pepper sauce ever. Thank you parents of Gaetan, it was the best midnight snack ever. In turn, each one asked ... C'est bon?? OUI! OUI!