Meet Marmo

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Marmo is an octopus worth knowing.  He enjoys long swims in the sea, spending time with friends, and teaching children a thing or eight about ocean conservation.

He’s a little octopus with a big heart. He enjoys long swims in the sea and playing with friends. He’s energetic, curious, and brave, and loves asking questions and helping others.

Marmo always helps his parents with chores around the house. He likes to sweep his ocean floor and bake clams with mom—and he always cleans his room when asked.

But lately, those small tasks are hard. Marmo’s room is always cluttered with trash (he can hardly keep up with it, and he has 8 arms!) and his friends are having similar troubles.

Something is very wrong with the ocean, and Marmo wants to make it better. He knows that even the smallest task can make a big difference (cleaning your room, sharing with friends, and recycling, too) and he wants people and sea creatures around the world to help him. He thinks that if we all chip in, we can make the ocean better for everyone.

And we have a hunch that this little octopus is onto something very big.


Full Name: Marmo Octopus Rubescens

Birthday: August 8, 2008

Place Of Hatch: Baja California

Residence: His parents’ ocean pad

Dream Job: Ocean preservationist or maybe an astronaut

Enjoys: Swimming in the sea, helping others, juggling mollusks, karate, discovering new places, learning new things, and making new friends

Dislikes: Cleaning his room, homework, sharks and fishing nets