Matchday Superstitions

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What's your winning routine?

Football supporters are a loyal and superstitious bunch, often travelling the length of the country and further afield.

Some fans take things a step further and strictly follow matchday superstitions and routines!

Whether it’s not washing that cup-final winning shirt from 2001, wearing lucky underwear or the same scarf despite the blistering sunshine or indeed the perennial favourite, there are a whole range of different superstitions that football fans undertake to make sure their team is triumphant come full time.

What about the routine on matchday? Do you turn up exactly ten minutes before kick-off, or make sure you’re in your seat as soon as you get into the ground? Do you buy a hotdog from the same cashier each match, or get a pre-game orange juice from the shop on the way to the stadium?

What's the most crazy superstition you've heard of?