Les Elephants Wind It Up With Nicknames

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We asked Gervinho why he changed his name from Gervais Yao Kouassi to 'Gervinho'?

"When you get in the football squad at ASEC Abidjan they give you a nickname," he explained. "Because we have a Brazilian coach, we're given Brazilian names. So, everyone in this current squad has a nickname: mine is Gervinho, his [pointing to his interpreting team-mate] is Kalouno. It's basically a variation of your name. My full name is Gervais Yao Kouassi, so the Gervinho comes from Gervais. For me, since then the name just stuck!"

Eboue 'le magnifique'

Kolo Toure 'King Kolo'

Drogba 'Marshal Tito'. His mom called him that.

Yaya Toure: “Tower of Power”

Bakari Koné "Baky The Mouse Man" 'petit Pele'

Didier Zokora “Maestro”

Arthur Boka "The African Roberto Carlos"

Gervais Yao Kouassi 'Gervinho'

Salomon Kalou 'Kalouno'

Gilles Donald Yapi-Yapo 'Yapi Yapi 5 times'

Kader Keita 'Popito'