Lazy and Hazy in Cape Town

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When the summer wind blows through Cape Town, head up to Kirstenbosch for a concert.

Summer in Cape Town is idyllic. Sitting in front of bright blue waters lapping at white sands, beverage in hand, you could swear you were in paradise. That is, until the wind blows the sand in your eyes, and your hat joins the table as it cartwheels down the beach.

When it blows like crazy in Cape Town, we need an escape. And luckily, we’ve got one that happens to be our favourite concert venue. On summer evenings we join up with the rest of the city’s After Hours Athletes and head to Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens.

On a recent Sunday it was breezy, again, and sundowner cocktails at the beach were out of the question. The city was a mess--we had to escape--so we decided to get our groove on at Kirstenbosch; it sits in the shade of Table Mountain, and over 4000 people fill the grassy field for each show.

We packed our bag with wine, a blanket, wine, some munchies, and more wine. Making our way round the mountain, we met up with our teammates. Given the laid back vibe, it’s key to be fully prepared to spend a few hours blissed out and enjoying the show—having to run back to the market will seriously cramp your style.

At Kirstenbosch, when the performer starts to play, everyone stands up and starts dancing. A large group of dancers forms in front of the stage, and we always rush up there. Because what’s better than shaking your body to South African jazz as the sun sets and a silhouetted mountain hangs over the scene, after you’ve (of course) enjoyed a few bottles of wine?

Photos courtesy of Genevieve Akal