Introducing THIS IS MY NIGHT, A New Film Series

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We’re traveling the world to hang with teammates who embody the spirit of the true After Hours Athlete.

Not all champions stand on podiums. Not all sport takes place under stadium lights or in packed arenas. Not all teammates wear a uniform. From ping pong in Moscow to car spinning in Cape Town to bike polo in Brooklyn, our fellow After Hours Athletes are proving that life is sport.

We’re psyched to debut a summer sporting event of a different kind with THIS IS MY NIGHT, our new film series that celebrates those teammates that are just getting started when the sun goes down, making the city streets their own personal playground.

In THIS IS MY NIGHT: FIXED SOLDIERS, we hop on our fixies and join Juan Guadalajara and his Fixed Soldiers crew as they dominate the streets of Barcelona for one of their notoriously crazy and kinetic night rides.

For THIS IS MY NIGHT: THE TRACEUR, we hang with Thibaut de Cassagnac and his friends on a renegade parkour session through the Paris night to discover the City of Lights from the ground up.

Watch these films, and you’ll see that for both Thibaut and Juan, their drive for unforgettable nights is only matched by their love for their teammates and friends.

But what about you? How do you and your teammates spend your nights? Get out your cameras and start filming. Soon, we’ll be announcing how you can share your own THIS IS MY NIGHT stories and help complete the series.