Have You Got the Royal Touch?

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What makes a true King? Authority, poise, precision, calculation? Taking a flick through the dusty pages of history, it’s clear that all these traits are essential. But there’s one quality that reigns supreme above all others – control. To a King control is everything. Without it he is nothing.

To rule out on the pitch you need exactly the same thing. Control allows you to dictate the play, the tempo, the rhythm of the game. If you have control, you could be facing an army on the turf and it wouldn’t matter. The opposition melts away. You call the shots.

But where does control come from? Touch. It is the key to domination. That first perfect caress of the ball is everything. It gives you more time to look up, calculate – pick the perfect pass. You’re instantly in control. And when you do release the ball, it is touch that guides it with the perfect amount of flight, back spin, curl or swerve.

In 2012, we’ve created a new boot to sit on the throne.

All hail the new PUMA King!

Only a true King can wear our striking yellow and black royal creation. And we could think of no one better than Yaya Touré. A master of precision, a true play maker and a supreme leader, Yaya was born to control the game. It’s in his nature.

The super-soft premium leather, adapts to the natural curves of the foot for a glove-like fit. And the lightweight Pebax outsole with a mix of conical and traction studs ensures the perfect balance between flexibility, grip and manoeuvrability.Quite simply, every single aspect of the new PUMA King delivers the ultimate in control.

The time has come. Are you ready to step up and wear the crown?