Guide to Getting Swerve or Power on Your Free Kicks

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At PUMA Football we know what it’s like scoring a match winning free kick in the last minute. Some players have carved out reputations as mercurial set piece takers based on their ability to beat keepers with raw pace or swerve their shot round a wall.

But we also know that each player is different and blessed with unique attributes. So we’ve put our heads together, had a chat with the experts and come up with a guide covering the two most deadly strikes.
Guide to swerve:
1.            It sounds crazy, but imagine the ball has an equator going round it.
2.            Aim to strike one side of the ball along the equator.
3.            If you want the ball to swerve right, aim for the left of the ball and vice versa if you want to the ball to swerve left.
4.            In your run up, make sure your toes are pointed downwards, the non kicking foot is beside the ball and make contact with the outside of the ball.
5.            Follow through and lock your ankles to maximise spin.
6.            Practice, practice, practice!
Guide to power:
1.            It’s all about the laces!
2.            Run up with your head over the ball
3.            Bring your non kicking foot beside the ball
4.            Strike right through the middle of ball with your laces and land on your non kicking foot
5.            Get your boots on and repeat!
Swerve or power – what makes the perfect free kick? You can tell us using the PUMA Life Scoreboard!

Life’s more fun when you’re keeping score!