Gil Azzurri and American Footballs

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Only two touches inside the penalty box before scoring. Now our football hearts might be slightly inked with Azzurri blue, but think it's safe to say that Paraguay's 1-0 lead came as a surprise. But the great World Champions weren't here to lose, and less than ten minutes into second half, De Rossi showed that he just might be a worthy ancestor of Rome (Totti), and Italy. Despite several chances the result stood tall when the final whistle blew. But biggest setback wasn't the draw for the Italians - longtime hero, Buffon went out in halftime due to a hamstring injury. Really hope it was just precaution and he's fit again soon.

Our reflection so far is that even though we spot many mighty hearts out there, it seems more crucial not to lose than to win this first round of the Group stages.

Another side note is that PUMAFootball likes is the innovative way Mexico is training now. After a pretty overwhelming critique-storm against the official World Cup ball (even Messi criticize it…), Mexico is doing there own thing to prevent further surprises. The ball’s allegedly peculiar bounce and wobbly course through the air, “reminds of one you buy at a gas station” being one of the most common judgments, has resulted in at least two crucial mistakes by two goalkeepers. They are now training with an American Football. Yes. Those egg-shaped leather things hopefully can teach the goalkeepers a thing or two about awkward bounces and eerie ball courses through the air. Regardless the outcome, PUMAFootball always endorse creativity in football.