Full Tilt Footwear

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Alexander McQueen PUMA’s latest duo tilts sneaker-fashion right side up

Henry VIII must be rolling in his tomb. His central London backyard – once packed with clanging swords and jousting knights – has been overrun by face-painted fans and volleyball tournaments. (Though he may have appreciated the women’s matches; ol’ Henry did love the ladies.)

Here, the world has recently watched new history in the making. But we’d like to give a proper bow-curtsey-fist bump to the years when sport was jousting and style was not only rich—it was royal. The latest Alexander McQueen PUMA collection, inspired by English medieval warfare and marked by pluck and pageantry, has us ready to woo, court, and romp with sneakers in ways we never thought possible.

The men’s Joust is stacked with unconventional swagger and a substantial sole marked by a chainmail pattern. Its premium material alludes to the horses ridden into battle. As for the Joustesse: do what you will but don’t call her a ‘lady.’ She spins the warfare tale with rebellious, vixen-like bravado and innovative materials: quality Italian leather, oil-rich suede, and a detachable, rabbit pelt collar fastened by a sleek belt.

Look for this dueling couple in the following UK shops: Selfridges, Liberty, Harvey Nichols, Harrods, Cruise Jeans, and Flannels.