For a Nation, a Continent and the World & Ghana Won for All

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Hooray Africa! Ghana continues to impress the world and carry Africa forward. Their first test on their path of accomplishing the impossible (bah!) was the mega-hyped USA - a team that has managed to get a usually not-so-football-frenzied nation to go absolute berserk. A team that has been down in every game so far but managed to come back every time.

After Kevin Prince Boateng’s early goal and Landon Donovan’s penalty, the game was tied and went into this World Cup’s first overtime. Fairly early on, Asamoah “I’m the world’s happiest man” Gyan showed why he is one of Africa’s best players as he bounced off US captain, Carlos Bocanegra, kept his balance and fired off a stunning cracker behind a helpless Tim Howard. Ghana 2 – USA 1. 300 million Americans hoped for yet another miracle, but with over 980 million Africans behind them, the Black Stars stood tall and we saw another miracle. Ghana are the hope for a continent.

Ghana have made Africa proud but have no intention of settling here. 2009 they won the u-20 World Cup. Now they’re on the big stage, in the big “real” World Cup. Go Ghana, go Africa, go world!

How far can Ghana go? All the way? We’ll always remain raging optimists and with the crazy amount of love for football on our side, we can’t see an end to the possibilities! Next test is Uruguay - another nation that PUMAFootball holds extra dear to our heart. We’re already torn as to whom to support, but luckily know that at least one PUMA team will play in the semifinals.