#FootyFriday It's Anthem Time

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We want to hear your football anthem favorite.

What a week of international football we have seen.  Some of it truly inspiring, some of it.... well, perhaps in need of a little inspiration!

Belgium and Austria drew 4-4, the Scottish came oh so close to a draw with the World Champions, whilst Switzerland and Uruguay (PUMA boys we’ll have you know) knocked in eight goals between them.

So with International spirit in mind, and to carry on last week’s theme, we’d love to hear which national anthems get you going.  Of course, they don’t have to be your own national anthem – anything goes on #FootyFriday.

So tell us, which anthems bring a tear to eye? Or which anthems get you motivated and ready to explode into the first half?

Enjoy your #FootyFriday, and have a great weekend.


Photo Credit:  Getty Images / Massimo Cebrelli