#FootyFriday Famous Footy Chants

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What songs get you singing on matchday?

Chants have rung around football stadia for decades and are huge part of the fans’ matchday experience.

There are iconic songs, such as "You’ll Never Walk Alone", sung with gusto before kick off which are the vocal badge of a club.

There are songs that regale the history of a club, telling tales of famous victories against rival teams or trophy triumphs.

Some songs are saved especially for individual players of supreme skill, without whom the team would win less than they lose.

A chant’s tune may come from a song written decades before those singing it were born, or it may be borrowed from modern popular culture and adapted to fit the latest star signing.

Wherever they come from, football chants are integral to a team, with supporters often the ‘twelfth man’, the life and soul of the club.

What songs stand out for you and your club and make you proud to support your team?  


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